Final Standings All Categories

(LA teams in bold)
Date: 7/4/12   No. of Cooks: 20
Name of Event: 1st Annual Avoyelles Arts & Music Fest BBQ Cookoff    Location: Marksville, LA
Grand Champion: Tom McCollough, Makin' Smoke
Reserve Grand Champion: Shannon Sampson, The BBQ Bandits
  Hamburger  Ribs  Chicken
 1Tom McCollough, Makin' Smoke 1Shannon Sampson, The BBQ Bandits 1Charles A. Riddle III, Riddles & Redmond
 2Danny Titus, Roadtoad's Smoke "n" BBQ 2Fred St. Romain, Meatier 3 2unclaimed
 3unclaimed 3Tom McCollough, Makin' Smoke 3Parker Kilgore, The Mansura Candidate
 4Darrell Lacombe, Team Budweiser 4Danny Titus, Roadtoad's Smoke "n" BBQ 4Tom McCollough, Makin' Smoke
 5Robert Williams, The Miller Lite Bandits 5Shane Pritchett, Fat Hen Grocery 5Adam Laborde, The Mansura Boys
 6Fred St. Romain, Meatier 3 6Adam Laborde, The Mansura Boys 6Larry Sampson, L&G BBQ Outlaws
 7Cory P. Roy, The Egg Heads 7Larry Sampson, L&G BBQ Outlaws 7Cory P. Roy, The Egg Heads
 8Shannon Sampson, The BBQ Bandits 8Darrell Lacomb, Team Budweiser 8Shannon Sampson, The BBQ Bandits
 9Steve Eisler, B. S. Queing Team 9Parker Kilgore, The Mansura Candidate 9Robert Williams, The Miller Lite Bandits
 10Zac Gullett, Gremillion Corrugated 10Robert Williams, The Miller Lite Bandits 10Joel Lemoine, Bayou Boyz BBQ
 1Charles Redmon
 2Larry Sampson
 3Tom McCollough
 4Robert Williams