Final Standings All Categories

(LA teams in bold)
Date: 2/23/13   No. of Cooks: 59
Name of Event: Smokin' on the Red   Location: Bossier City, LA
Grand Champion: Ronnie Wade, Blazen BBQ
Reserve Grand Champion: Randy Dunn, That's the Way BBQ Go
  Brisket  Ribs  Chicken
 1Ronnie Wade, Blazen BBQ 1Ronnie Wade, Blazen BBQ 1Chris Ball, 901Q
 2Garry Rolf, Outhouse BBQ 2Tony Chancellor, TNT Cookers 2Perry Dunn, Pickin & Grillin
 3Craig Jones, Doc's Sleeping Hog BBQ 3Mary Caraway, Pit Rassler Granny 3Trey Bigger, B&B Crew BBQ
 4Chris Griffith, Lil Earls Butt Naked BBQ 4Toni Maynard, Redneck Woman BBQ 4Randy Dunn, That's the Way BBQ Go
 5Brad Caraway, Pit Rassler 5Robert Satterfield, Bad to the Bone 5Hewitt Wheless, We Bee Cooking
 6Gerald Maynard, Kickin' Back Kookers 6Fred Ginn, Smoke Meats Pig 6Clint Guillory, Carnivorous Endeavors
 7Randy Dunn, That's the Way BBQ Go 7Ronny Farmer, Farmboy Cookers 7Garry Rolf, Outhouse BBQ
 8Chris Ball, 901Q 8Al Longoria, Who Dat BBQ 8Brad Caraway, Pit Rassler
 9Ronny Farmer, Farmboy Cookers 9Chris Disterdick, Chick n' Butts BBQ 9Gerald Maynard, Kickin' Back Kookers
 10Clint Guillory, Carnivorous Endeavors 10Greg Evans, Loose Moose Cookers 10Toni Maynard, Redneck Woman BBQ
  Pulled Pork
 1Robert Satterfield, Bad to the Bone
 2Clay Boyce, Smokin Porkers
 3Randy Dunn, That's the Way BBQ Go
 4Hewitt Wheless, We Bee Cooking
 5Fred Ginn, Smoke Meats Pig
 6Chris Griffith, Lil Earls Butt Naked BBQ
 7Clint Guillory, Carnivorous Endeavors
 8Toni Maynard, Redneck Woman BBQ
 9Gerald Maynard, Kickin' Back Kookers
 10Gray Cartwright, The Smoke Kings