Final Standings All Categories

(LA teams in bold)
Date: 2/24-25/2012   No. of Cooks: 25
Name of Event: 6th Annual BBQ Festival & Throwdown   Location: D'Iberville, MS
Grand Champion: Sean Hebert, Big Bear BBQ
Reserve Grand Champion: Spike Graham, Can Do BBQ
  Brisket  Ribs  Chicken
 1Barry Smith, Bayou Boogie BBQ 1Melvin Dimm, Shootin' Smoke 1Spike Graham, Can Do BBQ
 2Eric Chamblis, Coast Community Bank 2Sean Hebert, Big Bear BBQ 2Mike Mullins, Right on Time BBQ
 3Sean Hebert, Big Bear BBQ 3Andrew Simpson, Holy Mohler's BBQ 3Mark Johnson, Disizit Bar-B-Q
 4Melvin Dimm, Shootin' Smoke 4Barry Smith, Bayou Boogie BBQ 4Andrew Simpson, Holy Mohler's BBQ
 5Spike Graham, Can Do BBQ 5Spike Graham, Can Do BBQ 5Sean Hebert, Big Bear BBQ
 6Andrew Simpson, Holy Mohler's BBQ 6Mike Mullins, Right on Time BBQ 6Daniel Dubose, Bay To The Bayou
 7Ed McLaughin, Steel Pit BBQ 7Eric Chamblis, Coast Community Bank 7Barry Smith, Bayou Boogie BBQ
 8Daniel Dubose, Bay To The Bayou 8Willie Nettles, Tender Q 8Melvin Dimm, Shootin' Smoke
 9Michael Moore, Winn Dixie. 9Michael McLaughin, Raw Dawgs 9Ronnie Collier, Smokin' Butt
 10Michael Hosli, Big Hoss BBQ 10Bobby Simmons, Fins N Grins 10Michael Moore, Winn Dixie
Backyard Grand Champion: Dean Cook
Backyard Reserve Grand Champion: Elmer Mullins
  Backyard Brisket  Backyard Ribs  Backyard Chicken
 1Dean Cook 1Jason Gibson 1Elmer Mullins
 2James Taylor 2Kevin Braun 2Bryan Levi
 3Paul Jennings 3Elmer Mullins 3Terry Gipson
 4Brian Martin 4 Corwyn Potts 4Danny P
 5Kevin Braun 5Dean Cook 5Charles Leggett
 6Jason Gibson 6James Taylor 6Corwyn Potts
 7Bryan Levi 7Mike Pontius 7Dean Cook
 8 Larry Fayard 8 Jerrod Cook 8Ariana Wilson
 9George Linton 9Paul Jennings 9Ed Cake
 10Jerrod Cook 10Terry Gipson 10Kevin Smith
 Kids Que (Pork Chop)
1Lana Hosli
2Claire Cook
3Samantha Dubose