Final Standings All Categories

Date: 2/21-22/2014   No. of Cooks: 39
Name of Event: 8th Annual BBQ Festival & Throwdown   Location: D'Iberville, MS
Grand Champion: Adam Gautreau, Deep South Smokin' Que
Reserve Grand Champion: Danny Titus, Roadtoad's Smoke "n" BBQ
  Brisket  Ribs  Chicken
 1Adam Gautreau, Deep South Smokin' Que 1Andy Hollerman, Glowz BBQ 1Danny Titus, Roadtoad's Smoke "n" BBQ
 2Barry Smith, Bayou Boogie BBQ 2Danny Titus, Roadtoad's Smoke "n" BBQ 2Barry Smith, Bayou Boogie BBQ
 3Andy Hollerman, Glowz BBQ 3Adam Gautreau, Deep South Smokin' Que 3Jason White, BBQ'N White
 4Jason White, BBQ'N White 4James Cruse, Master Basters 4Michael Hosli, Big Hoss BBQ
 5Mike Mullins, Southern Smokers 5Cody DeLaney, CD's Cookin' 5James Cruse, Master Basters
 6Sean Hebert, Big Bear BBQ 6Brian Lipps, Smokin' Lipps 6Adam Gautreau, Deep South Smokin' Que
 7Danny Titus, Roadtoad's Smoke "n" BBQ 7Barry Smith, Bayou Boogie BBQ 7Alton McGinnis, McInnis' 12 Bone BBQ
 8Eric Moran, Family Smokers 8Jason White, BBQ'N White 8Paul Berdux, Bad to the Bone Team BBQ
 9Cody DeLaney, CD's Cookin' 9Mike Mullins, Southern Smokers 9Brian Lipps, Smokin' Lipps
 10James Taylor, Piggin Out 10Sean Hebert, Big Bear BBQ 10Dustey Walley, I Wear Blue for Team Sherry
 Kids Que (Pork Chop) Pork Taste
1Lana Hosli1James Cruse, Master Basters
2Chance Poulos
3Samantha Dubose
4Colbi Poulos
5Wade Robertson
6Nathan Bennett
7Emily Trahan