Final Standings All Categories

(LA teams in bold)
Date: 6/09/12   No. of Cooks: 27
Name of Event: BBQ by the Beach    Location: Eunice, LA
Grand Champion: Sean Hebert, Big Bear BBQ
Reserve Grand Champion: Edwin Manotas, Smokin' Coonasses
  Brisket  Ribs  Chicken
 1Tee Wayne Abshire, Tee Wayne's Cajun Cookin' 1Sean Hebert, Big Bear BBQ 1Edwin Manotas, Smokin' Coonasses
 2Jason White, BBQ 'n White 2Brian Boudreaux, Tiger Krewe 2Sean Hebert, Big Bear BBQ
 3Edwin Manotas, Smokin' Coonasses 3Melvin Dimm, Shootin' Smoke 3Tim Rondou, Sons O' Beaches Cooking Team #2
 4Melvin Dimm, Shootin' Smoke 4Spike Graham, Can do BBQ 4Danny Titus, Road Toad's Smoke "n" BBQ
 5Troy King, Full Moon BBQ 5 Tee Wayne Abshire, Tee Wayne's Cajun Cookin' 5Jeremy Lass, Who Dat Smokers
 6Justin Proctor, Smokin' Good Times 6Brandon Cormier, C'est Fou Cajun Cookers 6Ryan McCollough, Bringin' the Heat
 7Danny Titus, Roadtoad's Smoke "n" BBQ 7 Tom McCollough, Makin' Smoke 7 Brian Boudreaux, Tiger Krewe
 8Clint Guillory, Carnivorous Endeavors 8Danny Titus, Road Toad's Smoke "n" BBQ 8Norris Simon, Jr, Cuz'ns Drink a Few & Bar B Q Crew
 9Sean Hebert, Big Bear BBQ 9Matt Marchand, Bayou Smokers 9Jeff Petkevicius, Give it to God
 10Tim Rondou, Sons O' Beaches Cooking Team #2 10Clint Guillory, Carnivorous Endeavours 10Melvin Dimm, Shootin' Smoke
  Sauce   Kid's Que Hamburger
 1Brandon Cormier  1Cody McCollough 1Jason White
 2Andy Simpson  2Matthew Abshire 2Blake Griffith
 3Justin Proctor  3Parker Cormier 3Rhonda Titus
 4Greg Richards  4Emily Trahan 4Matt Marchand
 5Norris Simon  5Katelyn McCollough 5Scott Schoeffler
 6Troy King  6Damon Barnes 6Brett Rondeau
 7Mary Marchand  7Patrick Marchand 7Robert Verret
 8Shannon Sampson     8Pat Thibodeaux
 9Rhonda Titus     9Brandon Cormier
 10Clint Guillory     10Justin Proctor