Final Standings All Categories

(LA teams in bold)
Date: 9/26-27/2009   No. of Cooks: 25
Name of Event: Berchman's B.A.S.H.   Location: Grand Coteau, LA
Grand Champion: John Zeigler, Pop's Blazin' Smokers
Reserve Grand Champion: Brian Lipps, Smokin' Lipps
  Brisket  Ribs  Chicken
 1John Zeigler, Pop's Blazin' Smokers 1Brian Lipps, Smokin' Lipps 1Brian Lipps, Smokin' Lipps
 2Don Tellman, This Butts 4 U 2John Zeigler, Pop's Blazin' Smokers 2John Zeigler, Pop's Blazin Smokers
 3Jude Armand, Dupre Carrier Godchaux Insurance Agency 3Darby Neaves, Naaman's BBQ 3T-Wayne Abshirem, T-Wayne's Cajun Cookin'
 4Paul Wiltz, Outhouse Smokers 4Danny Titus, C.J.'s Backyard BBQ 4Darby Neaves, Naaman's BBQ
 5Greg Galloway, Double Trouble BBQ 5Bo Jackson, Slow Burn 5Baxter Saucier, Les Chef des Avoylles
 6Brian Lipps, Smokin' Lipps 6Robin Polk, Polk Chop's Cooking 6Nick Gachassin, Jr., The Gachassin Q's
 7Darby Neaves, Naaman's BBQ 7Jude Armand, Dupre Carrier Godchaux Insurance Agency 7Jude Armand, Dupre Carrier Godchaux Insurance Agency
 8Paul Stoute, Teche Traditions BBQ 8Jim Holland, Pork-n-Bones 8Danny Titus, C.J.'s Backyard BBQ
 9Baxter Saucier, Les Chef des Avoylles 9Don Tellman, This Butts 4 U 9Greg Galloway, Double Trouble BBQ
 10T-Wayne Abshire, T-Wayne's Cajun' Cookin' 10Andy Blalock, SSH BBQ Board 10Paul Stoute, Teche Traditions BBQ
 1Don Tellman, This Butts 4 U
 2Kevin Boone, Shady Meadows Cookers