Final Standings All Categories

(LA teams in bold)
Date: 9/06/10   No. of Cooks: 10
Name of Event: Holy Smoke Family Fest    Location: Lafayette, LA
Grand Champion: Kevin Moody, The Moody Family
Reserve Grand Champion: Randy Curtis, Smoke-a-holics
  Brisket  Ribs  Jambalaya
 1Randy Curtis, Smoke-a-holics 1Layne Parker, Lamar Woodmen 1Kevin Moody, The Moody Family
 2Kevin Moody, The Moody Family 2Kevin Moody, The Moody Family 2Randy Menard, Holy Smokers
 3Randy Menard, Holy Smokers 3Randy Menard, Holy Smokers 3Randy Curtis, Smoke-a-holics
 4Layne Parker, Lamar Woodmen 4Randy Curtis, Smoke-a-holics   
 5Matt Galloway, Justus Grillin' 5Matt Galloway, Justus Grillin'   
 6Joey Boone, Lafayette Pediatrics 6John McLure, McLure Meats   
 7John McLure, McLure Meats 7Mike Moore, Skinny Boys   
 8Mike Moore, Skinny Boys      
 9Blake Jackson, 2 Fools Tryin' to Cook      
 10Troy Theriot, King Patin Services      
 1Troy Theriot, King Patin Services
 2Kevin Moody, The Moody Family
 3Randy Curtis, Smoke-a-holics
 4Layne Parker, Lamar Woodmens
 5John McLure, McLure Meats #2
 6Matt Galloway, Justus Grillin'
 7John McLure, McLure Meats
 8Randy Menard, Holy Smokers