Final Standings All Categories

(LA teams in bold)
Date: 9/24/11   No. of Cooks: 12
Name of Event: Cajun Classic BBQ Cookoff    Location: Lake Charles, LA
Grand Champion: Brandon Cormier, C'est Fou Cajun Cookers
Reserve Grand Champion: Greg Sonnier, LaTex Cookers
  Brisket  Ribs  Chicken
 1Brandon Cormier, C'est Fou Cajun Cookers 1Kevin Duncan, Coon-Billy Cookers 1Allen Gray, Nombre Callente
 2Tom McCollough, Makin' Smoke 2Brandon Cormier, C'est Fou Cajun Cookers 2Greg Sonnier, LaTex Cookers
 3Kevin Duncan, Coon-Billy Cookers 3Greg Sonnier, LaTex Cookers 3Tom McCollough, Makin' Smoke
 4Clarence "Bo" Jackson, Slow Burn 4Danny Titus, Roadtoad's Smoke "n" BBQ 4Brandon Cormier, C'est Fou Cajun Cookers
 5Ed English, Grilling Angry 5Peter Benoit, Benoit Brothers 5Clarence "Bo" Jackson, Slow Burn
 6Danny Titus, Roadtoad's Smoke "n" BBQ 6Zane Woods, Fire Dog Cookers 6Ed English, Grilling Angry
 7Greg Sonnier, LaTex Cookers 7Allen Gray, Nombre Callente 7Danny Titus, Roadtoad's Smoke "n" BBQ
 8Zane Woods, Fire Dog Cookers 8Ed English, Grilling Angry 8Jeff Petkevicius, Give it to God
 9Jeff Petkevicius, Give it to God 9Tom McCollough, Makin' Smoke 9Zane Woods, Fire Dog Cookers
 10Peter Benoit, Benoit Brothers 10Jeff Petkevicius, Give it to God 10Amanda Cooksey, Hawg Dog Cookers
 1Clarence "Bo" Jackson, Slow Burn
 2Danny Titus, Roadtoad's Smoke "n" BBQ
 3Brandon Cormier, C'est Fou Cajun Cookers
 4Zane Woods, Fire Dog Cookers
 5Amanda Cooksey, Hawg Dog Cookers
 6Greg Sonnier, LaTex Cookers
 7Ed English, Grilling Angry