Final Standings All Categories

(LA teams in bold)
Date: 6/4/11   No. of Cooks: 31
Name of Event: Cookin' on the Cane    Location: Natchitoches, LA
Grand Champion: Sean Hebert, Big Bear BBQ
Reserve Grand Champion: Danny Christian, Southern Exposure
  Brisket  Ribs  Chicken
 1Danny Christian, Southern Exposure 1Sean Hebert, Big Bear BBQ 1Danny Christian, Southern Exposure
 2Robert Williams, Miller Lite Smokers 2Brian Lipps, Smokin' Lipps 2Jeff Petkevicius, Give It To God
 3Sean Hebert, Big Bear BBQ 3Danny Titus, Roadtoad's Smoke "N" BBQ 3Sean Hebert, Big Bear BBQ
 4Brian Lipps, Smokin' Lipps 4Shannon Sampson, The BBQ Bandits 4Jim Holland, Pork-N-Bones
 5Tom McCollough, Makin' Smoke 5Jeff Petkevicius, Give It To God 5Barry Smith, Bayou Boogie BBQ
 6Spike Graham, Can-Do BBQ 6Robert Williams, Miller Lite Smokers 6Tom McCollough, Makin' Smoke
 7Melvin Dimm, Shootin' Smoke 7Tom McCollough, Makin' Smoke 7Josh Manotas, Stick Pig BBQ
 8Barry Smith, Bayou Boogie BBQ 8Danny Christian, Southern Exposure 8Danny Titus, Roadtoad's Smoke "N" BBQ
 9Brandon Cormier, C'est Fou Cajun Cookers 9Josh Manotas, Stick Pig BBQ 9Brandon Cormier, C'est Fou Cajun Cookers
 10Danny Titus, Roadtoad's Smoke "N" BBQ 10Barry Smith, Bayou Boogie BBQ 10Brian Lipps, Smokin' Lipps
Kid's Que
Grand Champion: Charley Curtis