Final Standings All Categories

(LA teams in bold)
Date: 10/16-17/2009   No. of Cooks: 36
Name of Event: 2009 Party in the Pits   Location: Ponchatoula, LA
Grand Champion: Brian Lipps, Smokin' Lipps
Reserve Grand Champion: Tee-Wayne Abshire, Tee-Wayne's Cajun Cooking
  Brisket  Ribs  Chicken
 1Barry Smith, Bayou Boogie BBQ 1Tee-Wayne Abshire, Tee-Wayne's Cajun Cooking 1John Zeigler, Pop's Blazin Smokers
 2Brian Lipps, Smokin' Lipps 2Brian Lipps, Smokin' Lipps 2Greg Galloway, Double Trouble BBQ
 3Doug Wingo, Wing Bones 3Brad Pizzolato, Pizzolato Brothers 3Joshua Manotas, Stick Pig BBQ
 4Tee-Wayne Abshire, Tee-Wayne's Cajun Cooking 4Doug Wingo, Wing Bones 4Barry Smith, Bayou Boogie BBQ
 5Butch Marchinko, Smokin' on the Tracks 5John Zeigler, Pop's Blazin' Smokers 5Sean Hebert, Big Bear BBQ
 6Joshua Manotas, Stick Pig BBQ 6Jim Holland, Pork-N-Bones 6Tee-Wayne Abshire, Tee-Wayne's Cajun Cooking
 7Wayne Cooper, Blazed & Confused 7Greg Galloway, Double Trouble BBQ 7Brian Lipps, Smokin' Lipps
 8Sean Hebert, Big Bear BBQ 8Don Tellman, This Butts 4 U 8Eric Phares, Hammond Blues & BBQ
 9Greg Galloway, Double Trouble BBQ 9Eric Phares, Hammond Blues & BBQ  9Jeffrey Thornhill, Who Dat BBQ
 10Don Tellman, This Butts 4 U 10Ron Hill, Ronbeaux Q 10Donald Lanier, PON Food Corp.
 Cooks Choice
 1Berry BBQ (Bread Pudding)
 2Ponchatoula Pitmasters (Chocolate Cake)
 3Pop's Blazin' Smokers (Ribs)
 4Bayou Boogie BBQ (Seafood Lasagna)
 5This Butts 4 U (Pumpkin Cheescake)
 6Pizzolato Brothers(Meat Skewers)
 7Guettler's 2 Old Smokies(Sausage Lasagna)
 8All Star BBQ(Pulled Pork Sandwiches)
 9Wing Bones(Pork Loin)
 10Big Bear BBQ(Pulled Pork)