Final Standings All Categories

(LA teams in bold)
Date: 10/14-15/2011   No. of Cooks: 55
Name of Event: Party in the Pits   Location: Ponchatoula, LA
Grand Champion: Danny Titus, Roadtoad's Smoke "n" BBQ
Reserve Grand Champion: Brian Lipps, Smokin' Lipps
  Brisket  Ribs  Chicken
 1Spike Graham, Can-Do BBQ 1Josh Manotas, Stick Pig BBQ 1Rhonda(Danny) Titus, Roadtoad's Smoke "n" BBQ
 2Josh Manotas, Stick Pig BBQ 2Danny Titus, Roadtoad's Smoke "n" BBQ 2Douglas Wingo, Wing Bones
 3Edwin Manotas, Smokin' Coonasses 3Tom Wheeler, Sherriff Edward's Deputies 3Brian Lipps, Smokin' Lipps
 4Brian Lipps, Smokin' Lipps 4Brian Lipps, Smokin' Lipps 4Spike Graham, Can-Do BBQ
 5Jeremy Lass, Who Dat Smokers 5John Dunn, Grillin' Dunn Rite 5Chad Edwards, Rookies Sports Café
 6Sam Harpole, Team Redass BBQ 6Barry Smith, Bayou Boogie BBQ 6Greg Alack, Blazed & Infused
 7Danny Titus, Roadtoad's Smoke "n" BBQ 7Melvin Dimm, Shootin' Smoke 7Melvin Dimm, Shootin' Smoke
 8Tom McCollough, Makin' Smoke 8Dennis Landry, Landry's Bayou Que 8Sean Hebert, Big Bear BBQ
 9Melvin Dimm, Shootin' Smoke 9Tom McCollough, Makin' Smoke 9Edwin Manotas, Smokin' Coonasses
 10Jeff Woolf, The Woolf Pack 10Jeremy Lass, Who Dat Smokers 10Barry Smith, Bayou Boogie BBQ
 Cooks Choice
 1This Butts 4 U (Strawberry-topped Cheesecake)
 2Smokin' Lipps (Bacon-wrapped shrimp)
 3Daley's Pit (Cheesecake Bites)