How do I become a member of BCA?

Cookers, contest promoters/organizers, judges, ANY BBQ enthusiasts are welcome! You DO NOT have to be a BCA member to cook at, judge at, help at, or attend a BCA contest! Fill out the BCA membership form either mail it with your check to the listed address or pay using Paypal(PLEASE NOTE - IF YOU PAY WITH PAYPAL, please be sure to include your member name(s) and your team name in the Purchase details Description field):

Also note, couples where both spouses cook will pay a total of $100 (2 memberships) and each will complete an application form.


The Barbecue Competitors Alliance (BCA) is a nonprofit organization(501(c)(4)) dedicated to assisting the general public in promoting, cooking, enjoying, and teaching barbecue and related meat smoking techniques. The word barbecue is derived from the old European word barbacoa that translates as "sacred fire pit". Barbacoa in this sense means a smoker or grill for cooking meat, consisting of a raised platform resting on sticks. BCA is dedicated to bringing traditional barbacoa to the modern public in the form of being the sanctioning body of choice for low cost barbecue contests. BCA and its members provide assistance to a variety of civic and other charitable organizations in helping to organize, promote, and produce sanctioned barbecue contests. BCA and its members also help teach barbecue and related cooking techniques to the public. BCA and its members will donate their time and resources to cook barbecue and related food items to any person affected by natural disasters. Finally, BCA will act as an information clearinghouse for barbecue-related information and resources that will help promote the activity to the general public. BCA will offer inexpensive educational programs and consultation services, to assist stakeholders organize and promote barbecue-themed programs and contests. We have both cooking and non-cooking memberships.

All members receive:

In addition, cooking members also receive:

***Also! While you DO NOT have to be a BCA member to cook in a BCA contest, all promoters who sanction with BCA are given a complimentary one-year membership in BCA!

NOTE: If you would like to join BCA after cooking in a contest, you MUST join by COB (Close Of Business - 5pm Central time) the Monday following the contest for the points earned at the contest to count toward your total for the Points Chase.